How Google Maps Markers Works

There is not much behind the scene of Google Maps Marker. As a matter of fact, With this file included Google Maps Marker is only comprised of 3 files. It is so simple I don't understand why Google doesn't offer the service themselves. I mean they own everything about it except for 5 lines of code...

The way that I generate all possible custom icons for Google Maps is that I actually use another API from Google. The Google chart API. At first what I wanted to do was to use a script that would generate me all possible markers, but that made about 62 millions files and even if the individual files were very small, 62 millions of them was more than what my server could handle. I was about to give it up until I found this url.'i\'[A'-2'f\hv'a\]h\]o\0099FF'fC\FFFFFF'tC\FF0000'eC\Lauto'f\&ext=.png

That's all good but it is not actually that easy to use. I mean my mother couldn't figure out how to make it work. So I decided to build a simple layer on top of it. What is nice is that in my previous project, Vimeo Repeat, a website that let's you easily loop a Vimeo video. I learned how to use Mod Rewrite.

Mod Rewrite enables you to change the look of a url to actually become another one. This was exactly what I needed to build my API. Now I still don't think my mom can use it, but it is much more usable and I can let people know.

So you have it, maybe soon I'll post the actual code, but for now I think you have enough.

Learn how to use Google Maps Marker API

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